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#601 - I Know What You Like: A BBC Sherlock Rec List

Number of Recs: 25 (as of 6/27/12) 35 (as of 12/12/12)
Pairings: Gen, Mycroft/Various, Sherlock/Various, Molly/Various, Moran/Various
Rating: G to NC-17
Collector's Note: Please note that warnings have not been included in this rec list and that some fics mentioned here focus on very heavy themes indeed. Proceed with caution if you feel this might prove triggering. This collection of recs leans heavily on the side of Mycroft-centric fic, with a few miscellaneous works thrown in for variety. I will be updating this list periodically, so feel free to check back! :)

Zero Sum Game by SidneySussex (Jim-centric, R, 9.3K)
Jim Moriarty cares about three things: mathematics, the game, and understanding what makes Sherlock Holmes tick. A clever and very believable update to ACD!Moriarty's fondness for mathematics, as played out in his obsessive pursuit of Sherlock, with John's life hanging in the balance. Moriarty has never been more terrifying.

Leashed by Anonymous (Mycroft-centric, PG-13, 1K)
Mycroft belongs to the British government. His Masters keep him on a short leash. I have a soft spot for fics that isolate a familiar line from canon and spin a very different story around it and this piece does not disappoint. This is submissive Mycroft at his finest.

Complex Oedipus by Remiel (Mycroft-centric, G, 1.5K)
Even as an adult, Mycroft feels a draft of fear standing outside his mother’s bedroom door. Contrary to what the title might suggest, there's nothing overtly incestuous about this piece, which is a fascinating peek into the complexities of Mycroft's relationship with his mother, aggravated by his relationship with his brother.

The Sign of Three by Emungere (Mycroft and Sherlock, G, 3.5K)
Mycroft takes his little brother to the park, where they meet John and pretend to be pirates. Don't let the summary fool you---this is not a light-hearted piece. Even at eleven, Mycroft is frantically fighting to rearrange the cosmos for the sake of his little brother, even if it means taking the weight of the world on his own shoulders.

Mary Magdalene by Longtimegone (Molly and Sherlock, PG-13, 5.6K)
Tomorrow Sherlock will be gone, and Molly Hooper will have to start mourning him with everyone else. A beautiful look at Sherlock's last days in London after the fall. Molly's girlish infatuation has faded, leaving in its place a deep, resonant love imbued with maturity and regret for what must be.

Nor Ever Chaste by Justwolf (Mycroft and Sherlock, NC-17, 5.2K)
The skull belongs to his father. But it's not his father's skull. justwolf was one of the first writers I encountered in the Sherlock fandom and still very much one of my favorites. This piece---a startling, heart-wrenching look at how a childhood of abuse has determined the men Mycroft and Sherlock have become---is not for the faint of heart, but it is well worth a read.

NEW! Hiding Places by Holyfant (Harry and John, PG, 4.7K)
You're stuck with your family for life, through the good and the bad. It's nearly impossible to make a fair IC/OOC call on a character we've never met directly, but there's no denying that this is a fascinating take on what Harry Watson could be. Frustrating and sympathetic by turns, this beautifully flawed take on Harry is what makes the portrayal of her rocky relationship with John work so well.

A Game of Sorts by Eva (Mycroft/Jim, R, 5.7K)
Jim plays an end game. Mycroft plays along. A rather unique take on Jim's fascination with the Holmes boys. The slight shift in focus has far-reaching consequences and although Jim's disdain for Sherlock may seem unprecedented, there is never a point at which it is not believable or all-engrossing.

Gagging For It by Steptostars (Mycroft/Jim, NC-17, 2.8K)
Mycroft gives in and hires Irene for one night. He gets Jim instead. A bit of shameless porn, featuring a Mycroft so masochistic and tightly-wound, it would take Jim Moriarty to fix him.

Cold War by Sator_Square (Mycroft/Jim, R, 13K)
Moriarty knows nothing of Sherlock Holmes. He knows only of Mycroft Holmes, the interfering government official who keeps thwarting his criminal schemes. Having become enamored with his cold, clever enemy, he decides to take him captive instead of killing him.This is one of my favorite portrayals of Stockholm Syndrome. The transition is effortless and paced perfectly for the reader to fall alongside Mycroft, our unintentionally unreliable narrator.

NEW! A Sound Prospect by Musamihi (Jim/Mycroft, NC-17, 7.1K)
Mycroft invites James Moriarty, a brilliant but reckless young man, into his world – and then scrambles to stop him eating it from the inside out. If you only ever read one Jim/Mycroft fic during your stay in fandom, do me a solid and make it this one. I can't recommend this fic highly enough. The author's grip on Moriarty is unparalleled and their portrayal of Mycroft is no less phenomenal. A beautifully crafted character-driven piece rife with sexual tension of the sort only men like Mycroft Holmes and James Moriarty can provide.

Winter's Coming by Bilvy (AU, Jim/Sherlock, PG-13, 3.8K)
The fog follows them to bed at night, lingers around the bedposts and threatens to nip at their skin if they dare push through it and talk into their pillows.This is one of those pieces that sneaks up on you and catches your interest when you least expect it. Jim and Sherlock, being domestic in their own way, when things have never been quite right.

More Things in Heaven and Earth by Unsentimentalf (Jim/Sherlock, PG-13, 10K)
The last thing Sherlock remembers is impact. Hands-down one of my favorite post-TRF fics. The first chapter is a bit slow, but once the ball gets rolling, you won't want to stop reading. Sherlock and Jim tear the world apart from beyond the grave.

NEW! The Rules Are by RandomBattlecry (Jim/Molly, PG-13, 1.3K)
"That’s amazing, Molly, it really is. You know, I have always wanted to have a gunman with benefits." You may have noticed that I have a bit of a weakness for slice-of-life sorts of character-driven pieces. This is another, but don't let that scare you off. This is as close as Jim and Molly get to being domestic and it's as unsettling as it is brilliant.

NEW! The Anatomist by Rosa_acicularis (Jim/Molly, Sherlock/Molly, John/Sherlock, R, 24.2K)
When they are children, Moriarty is a game. A story they tell only to each other, in whispers. Definitely a classic, and for a very good reason. Great, meaty backstory that will haunt you.

NEW! Even the Most Rambling Paths Lead to Rome by Meatball42 (John/Molly, PG-13, 10K)
Molly finds that John is not at all what she thought he was, and maybe, just maybe, she isn’t either. Post-TRF fics aren't usually my cup of tea, but there's something about the way John and Molly just slot into place that does it for me here.

NEW! Red Triangle by PetraTodd (John/Molly/Sherlock, NC-17, 3.8K)
Sherlock and John needs Molly's help going undercover at a sex party. Things get a little out of hand. Is there any better, more satisfying excuse for a threesome than a case? Thought not. Porny, delightful, and strangely plausible.

Hallowed Be by Ofvanity (John/Moran, NC-17, 14K)
If John is a good man with bad days, Sebastian is a bad man with good days. With its fluid prose, effortless characterization, and pitch-perfect use of religious allusions, this is not a piece to miss---even if you can't stand Sebastian Moran. This is Moran like we have never seen him, coupled with a Jim Moriarty so believably written it's eerie, and a very unexpected John Watson holding it all together. A beautifully-crafted study of two very different men thrown together, for better or worse.

Teneo by Sellswordking (AU, Jim/Moran, R, 1K)
What fun is ripping worlds to pieces if you don't have a little help? This is one of the more unusual pieces of fanfiction I've found in the Sherlock fandom, which I mean in the best way possible. This is a piece for anyone who has ever feared the monster under the bed.

The True Faith by Lindentreeisle (Moran-centric, R, 3.1K)
It took contacts on top of contacts, an endless chain of favors, to lead you back to Jim Moriarty. A haunting take on Sebastian Moran and his connection to Jim Moriarty. Beautifully written and hard to forget.

The Flight by Ficklepig (Omegaverse, NC-17, 8.7K)
One of the Holmes boys is an alpha, and the other is an omega. Normally, siblings aren't compelled to knot each other during oestrus; in fact, the hormone cocktail is supposed to put off close family. But Mycroft and Sherlock already put each other off, and it's not like they're anything approaching normal on a good day... This is an intimidating piece, to say the least, and I'm not sure I can do justice to its incredibly rich prose or its bleak ambiance, neither of which can be overstated. This piece is not a feel-good experience---its cruelty will astound you. Your skill will crawl, your stomach will turn, and in true rubberneck fashion, you will be completely helpless to look away. A disgustingly compelling and compellingly disgusting take on Sherlock and Mycroft's relationship.

Bunting by Bobrossanon (NC-17, 3.5K)
That's no staffer's voice, no countryside brogue or street-sharp slant. It's positively dulcet. It's decadent. Filthily observant. "Oh, for God's sake, Sherlock—must you, really?" If you have ever doubted Mycroft's ability to produce ecstacy merely with the sound of his voice, this piece will change your mind. If you've never doubted it, you'll walk away feeling deliciously validated and, I imagine, quite flushed. A deliciously decadent test of wills between brothers.

Anticipate, Retaliate by Peevee (Genderswap, NC-17, 1.7K)
Sherlock winds his sister up, and Mycroft ups the game. Breathtakingly sexy, lovingly malicious, and just a touch childish. For a fic where everyone keeps most of their clothes on most of the time, this inspires an indecent degree of, well, indecency. A genderswapped take on the game brewing between Mycroft and Sherlock, with no end in sight.

Sleep Therapy by Anonymous (NC-17, 1.2K)
Mycroft writes a letter of confession as to the nature of his relationship with his younger brother. In which Mycroft reads like a genteel, Victorian sex-pervert. Epistolary fic at its finest.

Patience, Brother by Peevee (NC-17, 1.3K)
They never orchestrate incidents like these; it would be too much, Sherlock supposes. Too much like admitting that it actually happens, outside the nursery. A little more shameless porn for your pleasure. Scintillatingly hot and IC.

In a World I Never Made by Lbmisscharlie (PG-13, 2.7K)
The memories, as they go, collapse around him. Mycroft's voice is quiet, distant, and everything is just a little bit wrong. But it doesn't matter: right or wrong, he won't remember later. This is the first Sherlock fic I really fell in love with and it continues to be one of my favorites. Mycroft forces Sherlock to delete all memories of their past transgressions, not knowing if any part of him will survive.

Untitled by Anonymous (G, 1K)
“Could you stay?” his voice sounded low and unsteady. Globes of blood slid along his lashes like counters on an abacus. “Mummy usually stays until it stops.” The vague, mildly incestuous undertones give this piece---on the surface an otherwise remarkable scene between a young Sherlock and Mycroft---a spectacular tension.

A Different Sort of Investigation by Anonymous (Mycroft/John, NC-17, 1K)
Mycroft fingers John in front of an audience. Exactly what it says on the tin. A wicked, pornographic romp.

Two-moth Problem by Herbailiwick (Mycroft/John, G, 622 words)
Mycroft is drawn to John. A quiet scene of longing. Mycroft is captivated by the enigma that is John.

What Mycroft Likes by What_Alchemy (Mycroft/Irene, R, 221 words)
It’s just that he gets so tense running the country. Mycroft, Irene, and spanking are a few of my favorite things. Read this and they might become yours as well.

The Woman's Work by Wreathed (Mycroft/Irene, Mycroft/Sherlock, also contains I/S, I/M/S, 864 words)
An unlikely meeting of three minds. Sherlock and Mycroft are treated to the best of what Irene has to offer.

NEW! Breakthrough by Stardust_made (Mycroft/Lestrade, PG-13, 3.6K)
On what is qualifying to become one of the longest days in his life, Mycroft makes a bad decision. The summary simply does not do this fic justice. A wonderful insight into how grief makes even the most powerful men merely human.

NEW! Unconventional Medicine by Bold_as_brass (John/Mycroft, NC-17, 5.7K)
Mycroft consults John about a rather delicate medical problem and ends up receiving a very thorough examination. A delicious turning of the tables between Mycroft and John that will have you seeing the importance of prostate exams in an entirely new light.

NEW! Broken Hearts, like Broken Bones by Tyleet (Irene/Sherlock, NC-17, 8.9K)
Broken hearts, like broken bones, hurt well. An extremely misguided dalliance that turns into something slightly more, but no less misguided. The quintessential Irene/Sherlock, if I may be so bold.

NEW! Save the Last Dance for Me by Citrine (Sherlock/Mrs. Hudson, NC-17, 25.3K, WIP)
There are things that you don’t wish for, things that you don’t ever let yourself think about. Not even when you’re dying, least of all then when the cruel mirror shows you how old and ill you are. Going into this fic, I wasn't entirely sold on the premise, but the relationship between Sherlock and Mrs. Hudson is so warmly and realistically rendered that I quickly felt right at home. Well worth a shot.
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